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life guidance, NLP and Energetic NLP

spiritual life coaching is about empowerment and inner riches.

Would you like help to clarify the areas in your life that need your attention in order to bring about more balance, fulfilment and happiness?

And to overcome whatever may be blocking you from moving forward?

I offer a transformational, one to one, half-day Workshop To Get Started, for £175.  A wonderful boost and re-training for the brain in positivity, self belief and limitless potential.

An amazing gift to yourself or someone you love. 

Follow up sessions, or single sessions are £65 for an hour. 

All coaching given is within the International Federation of Coaching ethics. 

NLP and Energetic NLP often feature in my Sound sessions and in suggestions for follow up work. 

I include the language patterns in affirmations and guided meditations or do quick exercises with clients - as well as offering focus sessions.  


NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energetic NLP

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience, that is how we create our unique 'inner version' of reality.  

It is a simple, fast and effective way of using energy, language protocols and simple body movements, with fun technqiues to: 

  • identify and change limiting beliefs and emotional states

  • boost confidence and embody 'can do!'

  • access and cultivate qualities and strengths, or acquire new ones

  • resolve internal conflict (part of me wants ... but the other half wants ...)

  • change a habit: learn to identify knee jerk reactions and become able to choose how to respond 

  • eliminate self sabotage 

  • improve relationships and communication

  • devise a goal ....and a strategy to achieve it

  • bring resources to a problem (don't know where to start?)

  • boost confidence and embody 'can do!'


Energetic NLP  - moving into the subtle field 

NLP works on the assumption that each of us is a closed system , so that our beliefs, attitudes, habits and thoughts come only from ourselves.  

Energetic NLP works on the assumption of an 'open system' - that everything in the Universe is energy and everything is connected.  So we are all being influenced by many different energies, many of which we are not aware of and which are not helpful. 

Being able to identify and clear the energy that is not ours 

allows us to find our true purpose and express who we really are rather than living out some other agenda - get  out of the habit of operating from a base of unhelpful programming and move into operating under the direction of your own Spiritual Wisdom and Guidance. 

ENLP builds on NLP and is a particularly useful approach to: 

  • set positive intentions and clear unhelpful energies for specific events, such as difficult meetings 

  • clear karma

  • release programming from parents, teachers, the media, ancestors... including hidden programming 

  • work more effectively with Earth and Universl healing energies

  • bring our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies into alignment and collaboration towards one purpose

My personal experience...
I immediately loved NLP, especially the quick and easy techniques. My own fear of heights dissolved in about 5 minutes as a guinea pig for my fellow students during the training- wow! We all saw so many instant leaps forward demonstrated for us. This has such huge potential and is fun! 

And then I discovered Energetic NLP  with Arthur Giser - an even better fit with my other subtle energy work and even more fascinating. I was surprised in my ENLP training to find out how little of the energy in someone's field is, typically, their own - as little as 5%! This was a real eye opener, especially as we then discovered that so much of what is troubling people is not even their own energy or issue - and how quickly and easily that can be changed. Light, fun and transformational.


NLP and ENLP often features in my suggestions for follow up work, and I include the language patterns in affirmations and guided meditations or do quick exercises with clients - as well as offering focus sessions.