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These are:

  • colleagues and personal friends whom I recommend very highly
  • teachers, organisations and resources that I know personally and recommend very highly

A revolutionary business model: Toms shoes. For every pair bought, a pair is given away to children in most need.  Based on the traditional zapata of Argentina, these shoes are great for therapists, and everyone in the summer. My first gold pair has been admired by many, so I have added a few more to my collection! Happy feet!

Watch the film showng thousands of shoes being given away...very moving.

Pass it on! and buy at  www.toms



Jean Holden :  Medium and Healer

t: 01435 862912

Heathfield, E Sussex

Jean gives readings and healings, and runs a Spiritual Development circle.  She is a gifted and loving clairvoyant, to whom I have taken many of my friends and family over the 18 years that I have known her, including people from Cyprus.  She is a close friend. 

Jean started me off on my healing path and continues to amaze me with her guidance and insight - she is like a piece of gold! Special affinity with horses.

Helen Stillwell  : Soul Realignment, Astrologer, Sound Healer, Reiki Healer, Massage Practitioner

Frome, Somerset

Helen brings a unique understanding and compassion to the external forces in our lives and our own inner horizons.  She offers inspired guidance on how to respond as we navigate our way. Her readings are conducted by phone/skype, so may be accessed from anywhere. She also has a natural healing touch.  

Sharon Harrison  : Sound Healer, Thai Massage and Yoga

Camber, E Sussex

Sharon offers beautiful sound healing and her massage feels deep, knowing and nurturing.  


Caroline Barnes : Soul Voice Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Counselling

Elham,Nr Canterbury, Kent

Counselling, Therapeutic Voice Practitioner and Sound Therapist  

Caroline combines a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in her work, especially  through the voice. Wonderful location.  Workshops to explore who you are and how to express that inner you. Caroline has a Yurt and offers BnB.

Deirdre Parrinder  : Acupuncturist and Japanese Herbalist

Etchingham in E Sussex and London

Deirdre is a Director of New Cross Healing Centre, working within the NHS, and from home. She has vast knowledge and experience, having worked in China and through voluntary work to treat victims of torture and trauma. Deirdre is absoutely excellent, and treats me, my family and friends.

Susan Tosoni  : Acupuncturist, Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner, Weaver

Crowborough, E Sussex

Susan has practised and taught acupuncture extensively, and now specialises in a shamanic approach to working with plants.  She works from a clinic near Crowborough and at Helios in Tunbridge Wells. She is wise and a great teacher - also passionate about wool and weaving!


Sophie Pattihis:  Health and Lifestyle Coaching

My daughter Sophie is now a fully qualified Health Coach working around the Hawkhurst, Brighton based and surrounding areas.  See her website  where she offers a free 30 minute consultation  and can follow up with personalised plans based on your own bio- individuality.

June Bremer : Homepath and House Doctor

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

June has great depth of experience in homeopathy, specialising in complex cases.  June is also Chief Exec of Relate SE. She also clears homes and premises of 'unwanted energies'. 


Fiona Corliss : Natural Nutritionist and Colon Hydrotherapist

Now at The Chilston Clinic, at Battle and the Wellington Centre in Hastings.

Fiona works to increase the amount of light our cells can hold.  Cleansing and rebalancing advice to boost energy, immunity and health.

Amanda Day:

Rustall, Tunbridge Wells. Elham,Nr Canterbury, Kent

Peaceful, discrete, holistic and kind. Specialising in advanced laser and skin techniques with the main emphasis on safety and results, the clinic has won various awards for developments within the industry. An expert team of therapists and affiliated practitioners, which include doctors, homeopaths and clinical psychologists. Amanda now offers surgical techniques from her clinic.

Lee Harrison: Biodynamic Bee Keeping, Natural Landscapes

m: 07932 521106

Camber, E Sussex

Lee is gifted with his understanding of nature. He specialises in creating Natural Landscapes, in harmony with nature and wildlife, and full of year round beauty, colour and form.

Amy Levin: Raw Culinary Artistry


Amy  teaches with workshops and hands-on classes here and across Europe, and offers a consultancy service to businesses.  I have attended her Advanced Raw Chocolate, and Raw Fermentation workshops and highly recommend them. She demonstrates 'cheffy' techniques, practical recipes and her website and blog is full of inspiration.  She teaches how to create the finest raw dishes, from deserts and chocolates to traditionally fermented vegetables and living drinks. See her excellent published and e books on Raw Chocolate and Raw Fermentation.

Heather Gullick:  Scroobius Web Site Design

Many thanks to Heather for designing and hosting my website.  



Teachers, Organisations and Resources


Simon Heather: The College of Sound Healing

Simon is not only orchestrating a beautiful sharing of sound healing teaching through his college, but also creating a very gentle and respectful community of sound healers.  The annual conference is a 3 day residential event not to be missed!


Lyz Cooper: British Academy of Sound Therapy

Lyz Cooper's diploma course on Sound Therapy opened the door to Sound healing for me.  The emphasis on meditative, experiential learning and opportunity to reseach with clients was invaluable.


Valerye Dayton: Reiki with the Ascended Masters and Glastonbury Retreat

Valerye is an  international clairvoyant medium, reiki master, hypnotherapist and channel for the ascended masters and angels.  She is initiated as a Reiki Master, teaching all levels of Reiki in the Usui, Tibetan and Karuna frequencies. She has also channeled her own Reiki system called Anubis Reiki which enables the initiate to shift into higher dimensions, thus healing from an enlightened perspective. 

Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan is a Sound Healer and has an online shop which offers a wonderful selection of sound healing equipment, fascinating articles, discussion and a listing of marvellous sound healing related events around the country. Well worth a visit! 


Nick Breeze Wood

Sacred Hoop magazine: Shamanism, Healing, Myths, Wisdom Ways, Earth Rituals

Unique antique ritual items from Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal and N America.

Nick has extremely high ethics and sources wonderful information and items with great respect. He also crafts gorgeous drums and rattles for shamanic practice.


Cygnus Review

'heal your body, feed your mind, love your planet.

 A free publication dedicated to sharing inspiring information, uplifting messages and books.

Great discounts!  Useful listings of events and workshops too.


Karen Grace : Vocal Teacher, Performer,Sound Healer.


Karen has devised her own unique method of using colour for personal and vocal development, called 'The Colours We Sing'.  Her latest album is called Metamorphosis, and is not only a stunning mix of deeply meaningful and spiritual music, it is also like a master class in vocal technique! Now living in Australia, she is available for on line tuition.



Sheila Whittaker : Gong Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Musician

Sheila teaches Healing Gong and has an exciting new certified course.

She also gives Gong Baths, runs beautful workshops on Sanskrit Chanting and Harmonium, as well as giving Reiki treatments and teaching.  She has several CDs of gong sound and a

book called Sound Healing with Gongs, available on Amazon.

This is one of the first books of its kind about gongs & their use for therapeutic work. The 167-page book has been written in plain simple language for anyone to understand. It includes a colour photo section, & fun quirky illustrations by talented young artist Emma Pattihis.


Jill Purce, for all sorts of training in voice work and over toning

Michael Ormiston for Mongolian over toning

Paul Wilkinson for Shamanic artefacts and authentic Himalayan bowls personally sourced from Nepal.