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       similar to Qi Gong, Ann offers...

    hands on chi flow treatment

       This is a profound treatment that works to bring the flow of energy up and then down through the body,

       working with the eight extraordinary meridians and energy gateways. 

        It is a 'hands on' method, and brings amazing gifts of release and grounding.

       Especially recommended for those experiencing 'emotional roller coasters' in life.

       So many of us are ungrounded and living in our head ..and this beautiful technique  helps to welcome us back into our physical body

       and back into connection with the earth so that we can feel steady and strong again.  It is well combined with the release of ancestral programming 

       so that we can experience our own inner guidance and our own authentic energy, fully without interference.


    and Ann teaches...Qi Gong 

     §   The way the body moves during Qi Gong practice is like swimming through water: soft smooth movement, slow and rhythmic.

     §  The long, deep breathing rises and falls with the same rhythmic regularity of ocean waves.

     §  The mind resting in the unruffled stillness of meditation is often compared to the surface of a lake on a windless day...calmly

        reflecting the clarity of the sky above.

     §  The gentle movements of Qi Gong generate internal energy – a warm glow like the sun permeating into all aspects of our lives,

        to release tensions and stress, cultivate more energy and connect with your own internal flow.


     §  The slower you move, the faster the chi runs through the body


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   qi gong and chi movement

      chi, qi, ki,'s all life giving energy

      Ann offers personal and group Qi Gong tuition  

       Contact me for one to one teaching, or if you would like to join a group .

      Pronounced 'Chee Goung', Qi Gong is thousands of years old  and  

      based on shamanic, Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian traditions.  

      It works with the natural flow of life force to maintain freedom and

      grace of movement, internal balance and harmony, a clear energy field

      around us.  It clears and strengthens the entire body from within.


     This is a key to maintaining health  - our gift of personal

     responsibility - and need only take a few minutes a day.



Qi Gong develops strength, suppleness, energy, clarity, calm and balance.

In contrast to Western exercise which uses the muscles and expends energy, Qi Gong:

  • works with energy flow and balances energy. 

  • tonifies the internal organs

  • soothes the central nervous system

  • directs energy through the meridians so helping to dissolve any energy blockages. 

  • creates flexibility, inner calm and unbounded energy as we learn to allow the mind to sink into the movement while the body circulates the pure chi energy.


Ann practices these Qi Gong forms:

  •  Emei Shan   Named after a sacred mountain in China, Ann has hosted a Qi Gong group at Collingwood House to practice this form for over 14 years.  

  •  Tao Yin Fa    Ann is  trained by Master Fabien Maman in all five levels of ‘Qi Gong of the Light’., and also in  Zhineng  Qi Gong, which Fabien received from Grand Master Pang Ming.

  •  Enlightenment Qi Gong  learnt from personal training with Grand Master Mantak Chia.

  •  Zhan Zhuang   this is one of the forms you will see people doing in the parks of China.

  •  Qi Gong Flow    As devised by Lee Holden.

Zhineng Qi Gong 

This form is practised by upwards of 20 million people globally and considered highly effective by the Chinese government for the treatment of disease and maintenance of health and wellbeing. 

It was developed in 1981 by Grand Master Prof Pang Ming, and he went on to teach this across China and to set up Zhineng centres and a Zhineng hospital where his research (many published papers) showed this form of Qi Gong to be 95% effective in treatment over 180 diseases. Pang Ming became renowned for his healing work.  

It is wonderful that, although much mastery was lost when all forms of Qi Gong were outlawed in China by the Communist Party in 199, now the wonderful benefits of Qi Gong can now be promoted and shared around the world. 

Level One need only take about 15 minutes to practice. 

Ideally this form is done in groups to organize the chi field. 

Let me know if you wish to learn.