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ann is an initiated teacher and practitioner , or 'reiki master,'

in usui, karuna and anubis reiki

ann offers treatments, teaching and attunements to Level 1, 2 & Master

what is reiki healing?

reiki is a very ancient form of sacred, hands-on healing. The giver places their hands on or over the receiver's body and channels healing universal life force, known as chi or 'ki'.  This marvellous healing energy reaches every level: purifying, releasing, healing, strengthening ...renewing.

receiving reiki healing is a beautiful experience that affects every aspect, every level and every cell.      It is intensely personal and profound.

reiki & sound  ~ the monochord table

as reiki and sound healing are intrinsically linked  (Dr Usui originally communicated his healing system through sounds rather than symbols)  I also offer special treatments which are conducted with the client lying on my monochord table - an amazing harp-like instrument that I had made in Switzerland. The session concludes with a continuous flow of harmonics created by the 53 strings of the monochord.  The client initially feels the vibrations relaxing the neck and spine, and then is both grounded and 'lifted' by the extraordinary sounds. This provides an even deeper experience of bliss and altered states of consciousness. Heavenly!

usui and tibetan reiki

probably originating in ancient Tibet using sound , then popularised by Dr Usui in Japan and taught using sacred symbols during the early 19th century.

My Lineage :  

I am initiated as the fifth level of the direct Usui lineage: Dr Mikao Usui,  Dr Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Iris Ishikuro, Doris Ritchie, Ann Pattihis.

I offer treatments and teaching with Level I, II and Master attunements


karuna reiki

karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning 'compassionate action'. This healing system was originated by William Rand.  

The vibration of Karuna Reiki is much higher than that of the traditional Usui Reiki,

and more cosmic. It works on the subtle bodies first, which is where disease starts, and

then works inwards to the physical body thus it is a protective treatment as well as 'curative'/rebalancing.  It works well in sound form.

I offer treatments and attunements. Karuna Reiki attunements are only available to Usui Rekik Masters, and treatments are availabel to all. 


anubis reiki

anubis was an ancient Egyptian deity and the power of this system is seeing the client as not separate from yourself or anything else. It is about joining in that place of consciousness where all are one, whole and perfect as they were before creation. Home within the Void – the Heart of God – out of which all creation took place, fell into the density of matter, and physical form took place, thus creating sickness, disease and death; which then became a part of the cycle of the Soul’s journey through several reincarnational lifetimes ultimately leading back to the source from which it came.  This system was channelled by Valerye Dayton.

Contact Ann if you would like a treatment or teaching.  Anubis Reiki attunements are only available to Usui Reiki Masters. Treatments are available to all.


recieving reiki

The client lies down fully dressed and under a cosy blanket, with gentle background music. The treatment itself is about an hour of having profound healing energy channelled into your being, by hands being placed on or over areas of the body.  Reiki offers detoxification and purification on physical, emotional and mental levels and brings about marvellous feelings of peacefulness and well-being.  It facilitates the release of old patterns and invites in new insight and understanding.
Some people report sensations of intense heat, comforting warmth, a feeling of many hands working on them, may 'see' colours and experience physical sensations such as tingling, hot/cold, power surges or pain being lifted. It is intensely personal.

reiki teaching

Although sometimes Reiki qualifications seem to be offered on a very commercial basis - true Reiki practice is life changing and requires deep understanding, love and commitment. It takes time to prepare to receive sacred attunements to the energies of special symbols.  I was directed towards  Reiki as the first step on my spiritual path, by my lovely friend Jean Holden (a wonderful and highly recommended Medium based in Heathfield, East Sussex Tel: 01435 862 912). My training was with my beloved Doris Ritchie, and over several years I progressed through the levels to become a Reiki Master under her guidance and through her lineage.  - see links page for details of Valerye's new Camelot Retreat centre in Galstonbury.


training to work with Reiki is a deep commitment on both sides, as your Reiki Master offers guidance and support for life, while you undertake to become a pure channel and bring the reiki principles into every area of your life. If this calls you, please contact me.

a note on being a reiki master

The term 'Master' means that I am committed to living my whole life by the Reiki principles. I offer Reiki healing and have undertaken to pass on this teaching: only having been trained and authorised by my Master to do so over a period of years.

After becoming an Usui Reiki Master, I went on to become an initiated Reiki Master in Karuna Reiki, and Anubis Reiki , with Valerye Dayton, who teaches Reiki with the Ascended Masters from her new centre in Glastonbury: Camelot Retreat.

See links.

usui reiki principles

Just for today
Do not anger,
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your dealings with other people
Be compassionate towards yourself and others.