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shamanic sound journeys

Sink down onto a heap of sumptuous sheepskins under softest blankets while a rich tapestry of natural and acoustic sound cocoons you  - allowing you to sink into deepest relaxation or perhaps travel to other realms, and wake up to new insights. 

The sound is created using ancient Himalayan bowls, pure crystal bowls, gongs,  bells, chimes and various instruments, breath and voice.   

Liberating and ancient.

Individual or group sessions. 


tuning forks -  Tama-Do

Based on Chinese medicine, Sound Acupuncture   and the Musical Spine treatment uses fine stainless steel  tuning forks rather than needles. With precise protocols created by Fabien Maman, healing sound and coloured light is channelled into the body  via the energy pathways known as the meridians.  This works to balance the organs, release trauma and karma, energise the body and calm the emotions. Gentle and profound .

healing gong

Every sound potential is within these gongs, and through them every level of consciousness may be accessed - or just allow them to switch you off into deepest relaxation. Their sheer power makes them a truly awesome instrument of healing - and yet in sensitive hands they can also create gentle, subtle and deeply nurturing wave upon soft wave of sound.  

Gongs are said to create the primordial sound of creation. 

monochord table

Come and lie on this huge harp-like instrument while Ann plays its 53 strings to create a soothing and continuous flow of overtones. The vibrations release tensions along the neck and spine and this instrument uniquely keeps the client grounded while also accessing higher levels of consciousness. Connection with this instrument in this serene space is a deeply healing  experience.  Blissful - grounding and lifting.  



Ann may use her voice to create a guided meditation, to bring about relaxation or commence a journey, or as vocal toning and overtoning, elemental sounds, shamanic song, mantra, or chanting as part of a Sound Journey or treatment. 

Additionally clients may like to learn techniques to vocally tone their chakras, or explore and open their own soul's voice.

The voice has special power as it carries the intention.

sound healing

This is the only form of therapy I have come across that requires no effort whatsoever from the receiver - no digging into the past, no uncomfortable positions, no strain or struggle, no 'trying'... 

The sound simply sweeps away our problems

as we relax in the deepest and most restful suspension of time imaginable,

to awake renewed. 

How does Sound healing work?

Everything is made up of energy and is continuously vibrating in resonance with the whole universe. Quite a thought when we look at our seemingly solid world! Every part of our physical and subtle body has its own natural, healthy frequency - but when we are tired, stressed, emotional or unwell this changes and we need help to rebalance.  Sound healing works by 'retuning' the body and mind , using principles of sympathetic resonance, entrainment and intention.  It is gentle, subtle yet extremely powerful. And the beauty is that the client simply has to lie down, relax and open to this process. Sound has been used for healing since the times of the ancient Mystery Schools, and as we are now remembering this wisdom, modern science is helping us to understand how it works it's magic.

My personal experience with Sound has been a true revelation... and is now my centre.

the space

I searched for years to find a way of healing that was effective and lasting.

I have a very busy mind and Sound is the only thing I have ever found that actually switches off my inner voice, ego, that running commentary - the left brain! I have tried many therapies and found myself struggling to relax, but with Sound I seem to effortlessly drop into another level of consciousness and only become aware of this as I gently return, bringing back visions, feelings of deep calm and an indescribable 'newness'.   Strangely, Sound brings the gift of inner peace and silence and is the best tool I have found for lasting transformation for myself and my clients.

Having studied with a number of different people, and through different approaches, I am especially grateful for all I have learnt from Fabien Maman in Switzerland and then in  France about how to work with the subtle energies and the cycle of fifths. His scientific research on the effect of Sound on human cells has shown  how we are fully harmonious and literally glow with inner light when re-tuned with appropriate natural acoustic sound, and also how vulnerable we are to 'sound pollution' and 'electronic noise'.  

Watching others as I trained and studied, and now in my own practice and research, I am always astounded at what people experience in the Sound.   It is all about each person having their own individual journey that I am privileged now to guide. They seem to melt and then become reborn with a  youthful, radiant glow after Sound   - eyes and skin literally shining - this  tells me that something profound is happening ...and all without any apparent effort for the client.  It all feels right and very natural. 


Group Sound Healing Journeys are   arranged  by Ann, often with a theme  relating to a particular seasonal or planetary change, for example the Spring Equinox.   These are   usually   held in   the   evening and involve a guided meditation, ritual and Shamanic Sound Journey. 

The room will be filled with sumptuous sheepskins for people to lie on, cosy blankets, crystals and candle this is an enjoyable, shared experience of being deeply nurturing, bringing about relaxation and a sense of having fresh energy and insight. 

Alternatively, clients may arrange their own group.