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 colour healing

'The whole world,   as we experience it visually,

        comes to us through the mystic realm of colour'


                                                                                           Hans Holmann 

There are many forms of colour healing.  I have been trained in the Tama-Do - Way of the Soul - colour consciousness work. 

Colour works in the subtle field, the energy around us, and takes effect very fast. 

I offer: 

  • coloured silks and rainbow essences to support and prepare the body for Sound Healing

  • coloured silks and coloured light to balance the physical body, specific elements and organs, and strengthen the etheric body

  • rainbow essences to clear and balance the subtle field

  • colour meditations to work with the archetypal consciousness of colour

  • subtle techniques with light and essences to connect with the soul and allow it's expression


the space

how does colour work?

As we go up the frequency scale, we go from dense matter to sound, colour and light.  Colour and sound are intimately linked and when used together, help to balance and maintain the physical and subtle body. The Tama-Do silks and essences have been developed with years of research and all work with the consciousness and archetypal powers of colour.  The techniques work to strengthen and feed, calm and soothe, and above all balance and harmonise.  Colour may be used for soul path readings, or a very fast balance in the present moment.  I highly recommend the Tama-Do Book of Colour, full of the most glorious and breath taking photographs by Terres Unsoeld, with gentle and profound guidance on how to work with colour.  This has been my training and I use these colours every day of my life. The speed with which colour works on us all is amazing.

Come and experience your response to colour!