the space the space ann pattihis treating a client the space

peace, privacy, easy parking, quiet countryside

the soul space 

set within the gracious and historic Collingwood House.


inner stillness is vital for health in our digital world 

I want my clients to feel nurtured by  expert care given in beautiful surroundings with highest quality equipment.  

Time stops and the world stands still a while. It is truly magical to experience this,  and naturally the going and returning cannot be hurried.  


relax -  no easier or more
blissful way to feel better

The client simply relaxes deeply while being immersed in natural therapeutic colour and sound.  Issues and imbalances are dealt with at the energetic level, without getting involved in the story.  It all feels very safe and natural. A deep honouring of who you are.


high standards, ethical and deeply nurturing

I work to the ethics of the Complementary Medicine Association, International Federation of Coaching and the Association of NLP - and my own.  

the soul space experience


a place to come oasis of natural peace... healing energy ... reflection... learning...powerful and lasting change



 ‘Ann makes you feel welcome and healed – and that’s even before the treatment starts.’  June Bremer Homeopath. 

what can you expect? 

  • Receive:  deep nurturing Feel safe, heard, accepted, encouraged ...

  • Rest  : sink down into deepest relaxation, peace and comfort.  Allow the Sound to switch off stress and noisy mental chatter...

  • Release :  dissolve muscular, emotional  and mental tensions and pain, so the body feels more free, the mind is more calm and clear...

  • Repair :    activate the body's own natural healing  mechanisms ...

  • Re-pattern  : change, lose old habits and limiting beliefs, make new choices and step into your true best self ...

  • Re-charge :  enhance creativity, problem solving, clarity and focus, improve energy levels...

  • Rejuvenate  : improve quality of sleep, feel refreshed and renewed, more alive...

  • Re-connect:   find your spark!  

Everybody is different. All clients can expect to improve immediately, with benefits depending on the length and type of issue.

Sometimes we can feel totally depleted - physically or emotionally - overwhelmed, stressed out, lost, alone, no direction, hopeless, not sleeping, unwell...


  • Would you like help to overcome a particular challenge? 
  • Would you like someone to listen and offer insight with a practical approach for the way forward? 
  • Would you like help to feel empowered to truly change from within? 


Or you may simply want to learn some new techniques to help yourself and others? 

A typical session lasts two hours.  

Each session will be tailored to your needs in that moment.    Ann will propose what she feels will work best for you, drawing on the various therapies she offers.  There is usually some deep relaxation, some  learning and laughter, and  always follow up advice over a cup of tea so that clients can leave feeling grounded and clear about how to go forward.

Ann suggests an initial course of 6 sessions.  The benefits starts immediately and build up systematically week by week, so that by the end of the programme the client can expect a real shift and to have a tool kit of techniques they can use to maintain and develop their own well being. Naturally, the deeper the issue or imbalance, the greater the  change required and the longer it may take.  

It is a  creative  approach  combining sensitivity with insight, clarity with calm, patience with  grounded, earthy practicality.


  • A single two hour session is £95.  

  • A pre-paid course of six sessions is £475, reduced from £570     (saving you £95, so the sixth session is a gift). 

Contact Ann by email to arrange:  or text on 078100 43937


beautiful gift vouchers are available  -  a thoughtful and possibly life changing gift.