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Ann has a deep passion for sound healing and learning. What characterises her approach to healing and teaching is not only the high standards and her breadth and depth of training and experience, it is also her warm, calm and insightful personality. She also believes in the power of laughter and keeping things light and easy. Ann is a natural facilitator and enjoys bringing out the best in people and creating inter-connection of people, ideas and inspiration through groups. 

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the main building blocks

  • family and background

Ann is happily married with two sons and two daughters, and has run her own Healing Practice for over 17 years.   After a career in the City and then as a consultant, Ann returned to her love of psychology and the esoteric and started studying ancient and modern healing techniques. Her mother was a nursing Sister and her father an architect, and Ann respects her lineage of 'healing environments.'   Ann's lovely husband Marios is Greek Cypriot and Senior Partner at Healys Solicitors.

Read on for: Reiki; Sound/Colour/Chi; Qi Gong; Ancient culture; NLP and Energetic NLP; Theta Healing; Nutrition; Bodywork; Workshops.


ann pattihis treating patient lying down
  • Reiki

After a chance conversation in 1995  with clairvoyant Jean Holden (see links), who pointed to a 'massive awakening',  Ann trained as a Reiki Healer, learnt how to work with crystals and flower essences, and built up practical experience of working with clients. She became a Reiki Master in Usui Reiki, then went on to become a Master in Karuna Reiki, and a Master in Anubis Reiki. Her clients seemed to have amazing and profound healing experiences. Yet, aware that problems can be easily recreated, she started researching 'how to get the healing effect to hold'.   

  • Sound, Colour and Chi Movement ..and the Gong

Lead by a spark of intuition, Ann then trained in Sound Therapy, initially working with Himalayan and crystal bowls, voice and percussion instruments.  She then went on to train with Fabien Maman   - reknowned founding father of vibrational medicine - in Switzerland and France in 'Tama Do:  The Way of The Soul', using Sound Healing, Colour Healing and Chi Movement.  This lead to further study of Chinese Medicine, martial arts, astrology and the Kabalah.  Ann went on to train in Sanskrit Mantra and Harmonium, then as a Healing Gong Practitioner, hosting the UK's first certified course, run by Sheila Whittaker.  Ann now enjoys working with planetary gongs and voice as a primary means of altering consciousness. 

  •  Meditation

Ann has studied various forms of meditation practice and enjoys creating and leading guided meditations for her clients and groups.

  • Qi Gong   

Ann has had a weekly Qi Gong group at Collingwood House for the past 16 years, which she first hosted and now teaches - mainly the Emei Shan form.  She trained with Fabien Maman in the Tao Yin Fa  and Zhineng forms, and with Mantak Chia to learn Enlightenment Qi Gong . She continues to study, and to teach and share what she has learnt. 

  • Ancient culture 

In addition to international travel for business, training and leisure, Ann has pursued her love of other cultures by travelling around Gujarat and Rajastan with an Indian guide, including visiting temples and performing puja,  trekking in the Himalayas and visiting Buddhist temples in Kathmandu with a Nepalese guide, visiting ancient Druidic forests in France,  and in the UK, and various sacred and standing stone sites.

  • NLP, Energetic NLP, Coaching and Clean Language: 

With a love of language patterns and 'clean language' and how words and images connect into the subconscious mind, Ann trained in NLP, Energetic NLP and Life Coaching and develops her own guided meditations.  

  • Theta Healing

After attending a workshop with Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing, Ann went on to train in Theta Healing, Basic and Advanced DNA, with Cherry Jarrett. This works directly with the Theta brain wave and brings the ability to identify and changing limiting beliefs, release the emotions attached to them and 'download' positive new beliefs.  Ann continues to research brain function, bio- and  and neuro-feedback, including technique such as neurotherapy.

  • Natural nutrition. 

With an interest in the Vedas, Ann did an Ayurvedic cookery course and went on to learn about raw, organic, dairy and sugar free chocolate, enzyme rich fermentation techniques, colonic hydrotherapy ...and continues to learn about raw, whole and super foods as a vital part of our overall well being.  Ann's daughter Sophie is a qualified Health Coach.

  • Body work 

With a strong belief in the healing power of touch from watching her Mother's  nursing style, Ann offers Hands On Chi Flow (see Qi Gong page), tuning forks on the meridians,  and has trained in Seated Acupressure and Indian Head massage. 

  • Workshops and Day Events

Ann has been hosting experts from around the world and running workshops including Tama-Do workshops (with Fabien Maman visiting from USA) , African Shamanism (with John Lockely visiting from South Africa) ,  The Colours We Sing (with Karen Grace, now back in Australia) , various Gong Intensive weekends and the first Certified Healing Gong Practitioner Training Course with Sheila Whittaker. Other workshops include: First Aid, Indian Cookery, Raw Chocolate, Enzymes for Health, Fermentation Techniques, and Vitamix Bread-making and Soup-making.   

Ann also creates her own groups and events, including the Sounding Board as a support forum for women entering into business; Quantum Circle for healing practitioners to discuss healing and spirituality; Healing Days, with colleagues offering taster sessions and talks; and Connection Days for practitioners to share time together. 

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Cherry Jarrett -  Quantum Life Alignment and Theta Healing Instructor - says: 

"I would highly recommend Sound Healing with Ann to anyone at any stage of their healing or development.

The Sound goes where it needs to go and does what it needs to do. I described my first session as 'a little piece of heaven' and on reviewing the impact of the course of sessions the whole experience really has been heavenly.

The maintenance of a sacred space full of acceptance and compassion enabled me to go where I needed to go. The tenderness embodied by Ann and the whole space was healing in itself. 

I have been able to shamanically journey further and wider  than ever before as somehow the sound managed to suspend the usual mind/fear bend to facilitate a profound surrender, helping me to connect to Spirit and the universal energies.

The gentle use of colour, essences, meditation techniques and sound take me effortlessly into the depths of healing with the gong, without me even realising the transition was being made.  

The healings have touched profound levels and created harmony and balance - the changes feel permanent to me. 

Thank you Ann. "

Cherry Jarrett - Theta  Healing Instructor

This is the perfect help for busy professional people.  

K.N (Head Teacher)

Ann is a solid, calm, reassuring, safe person who puts one at ease straight away.

C.L  (Personal Trainer)

Ann has a way of making me feel so relaxed, her insight has helped me change my life completely.

L.P. (Accountant)

I  think Ann has a very special talent with people.

T. D. (Advertising Executive)

I found the whole experience like going off the planet then coming back lighter! 

E. W. (Business woman)