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Ann Pattihis - Background

After my degree in Psychology, marrying into a Greek-Cypriot family, a career in the City and four children, it was time for me to quieten and rethink who I was and why I am on this planet!

I had a reading with a Clairvoyant (now my close friend Jean Holden who gives wonderful readings t: 01435 862912) who told me I would have a ‘great awakening’ – and she was right!


I had 5 very challenging years ‘in the void’, but I returned to my love of psychology and started building on this to explore the esoteric and  re-train to work with crystals and flower essences. I became a Reiki Master in Usui Reiki, (thanks to my beloved Reiki Master Doris Ritchie) then Karuna Reiki with the Ascended Masters, then Anubis Reiki....  The more I practised the Reiki, the more I asked  ‘Now we have healing - how do we get the healing effect to hold?’  My earthy nature is always looking for something practical!

And then Sound Healing called me - so strongly, I could not resist! I leapt onto a Practitioner course and trained as a Sound Therapist. I undertook my own research on the role of voice in Sound work, which was fascinating and certainly whet my appetite for more research.

Sound is the only thing I have ever found that completely switches off that Inner Voice, and it literally swept me away to other dimensions through a magical and sacred gateway. I went on to train further with the marvellous Fabien Maman, Father of Vibrational Healing and founder of the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Colour and Chi Movement in California.  His beautiful ‘Way of the Soul’ work integrates Music, Sound, Colour, Chi Movement, Martial Arts, Shamanism, Astrology, Chinese medicine, the Kabbalah and so many bodies of ancient knowledge. The experience of studying with Fabien and working in his huge Sound Instruments was a true gift. I am honoured to be a qualified Tama-Do Practitioner– this work is so subtle, so beautiful and so fast.


From this ‘plateau’ my view of the Universe is breathtaking and I continue to explore yet more cosmic possibilities.

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