the space


  • It’s like heaven on a bed!

  • Ann makes you feel welcomed and healed - that's before you even start the therapy! 

  • I found the whole experience lifting - like going off the planet then coming back lighter!   Ann has a way of making me feel so relaxed and her insight has helped me change my life completely.

  • It was like a complete internal spring clean.  

  • Sometimes I got tingles in my feet and saw colours. It brought back memories.

  • I  think Ann has a very special talent with people and is able to get the best out of them and wow.... that voice!' 

  • She is a solid, calm, reassuring, safe person who puts one at ease straight away and the guards come down. 

  • The treatments have benefited me in many ways: especially in re-establishing my role and purpose and helping to re-define a work/life balance.

  • Ann is immediately put me at ease and enabled me to thoroughly let go and surrender to the sound. 

  • She has mastered a rich and soothing flow of sounds that harmonise and penetrate deep into the psyche -  releasing thoughts and feelings, allowing 'stuff' to lift. 

  • My main concern was to relieve the acute stress I was under at the time. Ann had prepared a bed warmed with hot pebbles and cosy blankets, which gave me a feeling of being softly cocooned and safe. After treatments, I felt incredibly relaxed, calm and very grounded.  It made me feel that I could effectively deal with any situation presented. 

  • I also believe the treatments helped me to get a better night’s sleep.

  • I have found the treatments amazing. I was having a particularly difficult time with my business, having to make redundancies etc.  I know through the treatments I was better placed to deal with the day to day stress of that period.

  • I felt lifted and above myself - light and free. The benefit was a very calming effect and a feeling of new energy.

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