the soul space


a place to come to...  a haven of natural peace... gentle reflection... powerful and lasting change



  •  A feeling of organic serenity, a totally safe space.

    Everyone who comes senses the special atmosphere of peacefulness and healing potential.  

  • There is something magical about this space. 

   Natural materials, soft comfort, airy spaciousness, fine sound instruments from around the world and wonderful

   acoustics.   Against the background of earthy colours the rainbow silks and cystals glow with light.   


  • A vital antidote to the external world of digital overload and stress.

   I have taken greatest care in designing and equipping this space, following in the footsteps of my father as an

   architect*,  as I believe our environment is a critical aspect of healing.   Being able to hear the birds, see the trees

   outside and the sky overhead is perfect.

*I also follow in the footsteps of my mother, who has been a nurse all her life and showed by example how to truly care for people.

The soul space was opened in March 2008 by Fabien Maman, renowned as the founding father of vibrational medicine, who came here especially from USA to lead a beautiful Tama-Do workshop on Kototama: The Science of Pure Sound.


facilities at collingwood house  

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  • complete privacy within the peace and beauty of the Kent countryside

  • this historic house offers gracious tranquillity 

  • easy parking in the spacious drive and easy access by train from London

  • separate entrance in Coach House yard, with stone corridor for coats etc , tea/coffee area, toilet, consultation room and sitting room

  • some events may also take place in the main house and garden


learn more about the history of collingwood house.

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Ann offers group Sound events.  Visit the Workshops page for upcoming events.

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