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New Wednesday Morning Qi Gong Group 

As the Monday morning Qi Gong group, (which has been running since 2000)  is full, I am starting a new additional group. 

           10.30 - 12.30 am Wednesdays 

           Each session will be £10 

           to include an hour of Qi Gong and guided meditation 

           followed by a chance to 'stay in the energy' and chat over a tea/coffee. 

           The main form will be Emei Shan, but other movements and forms may be included. 

            It will be suitable for complete beginners, or current practitioners.

Please Note : I ask that anyone interested in joining this group contact me to arrange a one to one session to assess whether this group will be suitable or you.  Cost of one hour Qi Gong instruction is £40. 

I established this formula after attending Qi Gong classes where the moment it ended everyone started dashing off to get on with their busy lives  - and  I found this sudden breaking of the peace that we had worked to create very counter-productive. So, I hosted a group in my own space and over the years we have all found this the best way to start our week, a place where we can give ourselves some time and space, share our news, discuss ideas and support each other. Although no Master would advocate coffee and biscuits as part of deep energy work, I find this blend of Qi Gong (esoteric) and staying in the group to chat awhile afterwards (practical and social) works wonders. 

A safe haven that makes us all feel so much better on every level! 


Usui Reiki Level One Teaching & Attunement  - Feb 2015 

This will be one day training   10.30am - 4.30pm 

Coming soon -  Zhineng Qi Gong Workshop

Ann will teach this special form of Qi Gong, developed by Grand Master prof Pang Ming and today practised by upwards of 20 million people around the world. 

Level One is reasonably easy to learn and takes only about 15 minutes to practice. 

Prof Pang Ming published many reports from his research showing this form to be very effective in importing health and wellbeing. 



Date to be arranged. 


Special Discount for Ann's Clients


on personal consultations over the phone

with Helen Stillwell 

Psychological Astrologer and Soul Realignment Practitioner

Book direct with Helen on


Helen is a close personal friend whose insight and wisdom I value highly, which is why I recommend her to my clients.   Her ability to clarify deeper underlying issues and influences through  either astrology or by accessing the akashic records is of immense practical value and it can also be a great comfort to learn the unique story of your soul.  I also find that astrology helps me not to take things personally!


Astrology Reading by phone with cassette recording

         Usually £95


Soul Realignment Reading by phone

        Usually  £195

Discounted when both readings are booked together.   Contact Helen for current offer price!


HELEN STILLWELL Dip.Psyche.Astrol/Cert.Psyche.Astrol/F.A.P.A.I.

is a professional astrologer offering in-depth consultations covering all areas of life. She does one to one personal consultations over the phone. Helen provides excellent in-depth personalized astrology reports covering all facets of life, past and present. She is a member of the Professional Association of Astrologers International. 

Accessing your  SOUL’S ORIGIN, HISTORY & TRAININGS , SOUL GIFTS & TALENTS, Helen works to uncover the various energetic blockages and interferences affecting you mentally, emotionally and physically,  then clears these on your behalf to ‘clean the slate,' so that YOU can create the life you love to live.



The Qi Gong Group continues...

Now in its fifteenth year. 

If you are interested in joining a group here, or in one to one session to learn about Qi Gong practice, contact Ann.  


Past events include:


New Moon Ritual, Meditation and Sound : Monday July 8th 2013 ,

 7 - 9pm  £20

Limited places. These are small group sessions of about 10 people where we work with the particular gifts and qualities of energy being brought forward with each New Moon. 

The New Moon is traditionally a time to plant new seeds and encourage new idea to grow so it is ideal for working with the power pf ritual, meditation and Sacred Sound to break up old patterns and instill healthy new ones. When this is done with others there is a powerful group consciousness and witnessing that can help us truly embody the new qualities we have decided to create in our lives.

More dates will follow. 

One participant at the New Moon Ritual, Meditation and Sound  in May commented afterwards: 

"What an amazing Friday evening! A deep and memorable experience. Afterwards I felt very calm, almost serene.  What has stuck with me is this sense of power. I'm not necessarily thinking its mine, but made me think how we spend most of our adult lives suppressing this. "2012:

Days to Nourish the Soul

Sunday May 20th & Sat 15th Sept 2012

Marvellous collaborative days for we women to relax and replenish our inner selves.

Created by

  • Devi Kirin Kaur with beautiful and gentle Kundalini Yoga, breath work and chant

  • Amy Levin, Raw Culinary Artist, providing delicious lunch and afternoon super food snack

  • Ann Pattihis,  creating a group Sound Journey experience with gongs, instruments and voice.
Tme off the planet! 

And a little light shopping with stalls offering original artwork, delicious Ooosha treats and gorgeous stuff from India at wonderful prices!

This is a new venture.  Amy, Devi Kirin and I are all passsionate about creating potential  for self-healing and transformation.  Our aim is to give all participants a day to remember.  Glorious surroundings, spaciousness and peace to shift down a gear, enjoy and repair.


A Day for Connection - 23rd April 2012

Hosted by Ann.  A co-creation day for practitioners to share  inspiration , meditation, conversation, chanting, soul voice and an acoustic  Sound Journey.  Bring and share lunch.  Donations to women's refuge.


The Art and Science of Sound Healing   with Ann Pattihis and Pauline McCrann 

IAPS Teachers conference 7 -9 March 2012

Three separate workshops at the Cotswold Water Park Four Pillars hotel, near Cirencester.

This annual IAPS conference was organised and lead by Kate Nash, Head of Marlborough House School Pre Prep in Hawkhurst, Kent - who said:

' Dear Ann - I cant thank you enough for coming and doing the workshop sessions at the conference. It was, as you know, a bit of a gamble offering a slightly 'alternative' session, but I had every faith in you and it was of course a huge success.  I heard so many excited and positive comments from so many people .'



College of Sound Healing Certified Gong Practitioner Training   with Sheila Whittaker

The Gong Practitioner Training is an exciting new certificated training programme held over the period of one year. Completion of this training will give participants the information, knowledge and tools required to become a specialist Healing Gong Practitioner .

The training of the UK's first Healing Gong Practitioners started in 2010.  Ann hosted and was among this first group to graduate on 16th October 2011.

For further details of gong training contact Sheila Whittaker

Serrapeptase and the Vital Importance of Enzymes in our Diet with Simon Kamber

A practical workshop to explain what serrapeptase offers (see and discuss simple, cheap and effective ways of using fermentation techniques to create cultured vegetables.  Simon shared a little of his deep knowledge on why natural nutrition matters.

Easy, healthy, quick organic bread making with Charlotte Molesworth 

Charlotte, (also an expert and highly acclaimed garden designer and artis)t, shared her              no kneading technique and basic recipe for bread - full of marvellous ingredients. Charlotte also created lunch as she demonstrated her whole/home made lemonade making, kefir drink and soup making. Super delicious!



Tama-Do workshop with Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld

of the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Colour and Chi Movement in USA

Fabien Maman is known as the founding father of vibrational healing.                             Having started to train with Fabien Maman in Switzerland and France, Ann then organised and hosted the first Tama-Do workshops to be held in the UK for over 12 years.

This was a wonderful week-end of working with various Tama-Do colour healing techniques, Ta Yin Fa Qi Gong, meditation and instruments around the body.

African Shamanism and Ubuntu Work with John Lockley

Ann met John Lockley, known as the African Shaman and a full Xhosa Sangoma , at one of his workshops and then invited him to come to Collingwood.  Visiting from South Africa, John delivered a series of evening talks, Shamanic Sound performances,  and three African Shamanism workshops and days of one-to-one readings and healings.  John says: 'This is the shining work'.

Gong Intensive Week-End with Sheila Whittaker

A whole week end of learning about how to play the Paiste gongs for personal and shared healing.  Each day started with a group Gong Bath, and we then learnt various playing techniques.

Raw Chocolate with Tessa Levey

Demonstration and sampling of delicious raw chocolates and desserts

Bio-dynamic Bee Keeping with Lee Harrison 

A series of personalised tuition sessions on bee keeping and planting and growing bee fodder.

Inspiring and important.  Lee has a wealth of natural knowledge to impart. Our own bees arrived on 21st June, and Lee helps us to care for them!

Meditation and Stillness Group 

Weekly meetings hosted by Ann to share stillness, awareness and meditation.



Harmonium Workshop with Sheila Whittaker 

A group of us learnt how to play the harmonium, and to accompany ourselves while chanting. 

As we all  sat on our sheepskins, we looked like Earth Angels sitting on our clouds! The sounds were heavenly too.

Group Gong Bath with Sheila Whittaker 

A chance to deeply relax to the magical sounds of gongs. Blissful.

First Aid for the Appointed Person with June Ward

Essential First Aid training for therapists and practitioners.

Indian Cookery and Oneness Blessing with Inderjeet Palaha-Lee  

After facilitating the Blessing, we had a  workshop, including lunch, where we were shown how to make authentic Indian foods such as Aubergine and Pea Curry, spiced rice ...  very moreish! 



The beginning of the year was marked by the Grand Opening of Ann's Sound space at Collingwood, with Fabien Maman visiting from USA and running the first Tama-Do workshops in the UK for over 12 years. 

This was an exciting and very memorable week end with Fabien's return to the UK after a long absence, to teach his subtle techniques, precise sound protocols and 'Tao Yin Fa' Qi Gong.   Fabien stayed as my guest here, and the great success of this workshop was an auspicious start to Tama-Do in the UK!

Tama-Do means The Way of the Soul.

 Kototama - The Science of Pure Sound with Fabien Maman.

 Tama-Do: the art and science of Colour Healing with Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld